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The Covet

So we started work on our new short film “The Covet” starring Andrew Morris. It was a micro crew at best but we had a blast We were able to test out our homemade fogger but more on that in a later update. This will be a prequel to our feature film “Corkscrew” and will be from the same world.

We decided to film on a night with no moon visible. Since this whole short film occurs in one night in the story we needed to make our own moon. It’s actually not as hard as you think. We just pointed our light through one window where Andrew was gathering his equipment for the caper.

Then we moved the light again to point at the front door so when he opens the door at the end of the scene the moon could be seen shining in the front door. Yes, we only used 1 light for this scene for the moon.

The interior lighting was a mixture of practicals and led panels.