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We love shooting, editing & anything film.

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Narrative, commercial work & editing services

Film Is Our Passion

People think that pretty pictures is all that matters in the film and commercial industry. That is a false assumption as story is equally if not more important than visual prowess.

Skills & Expertise

We pride ourselves on having the team in place to produce most anything you can dream up. If we can’t do all aspects we know the people in the industry who can.

With a sister marketing company, BrandAid, we can even provide graphic and branding design. We even have web development in our bag of tricks. We would love to discuss what your needs are and exceed your expectations.

Script & Story Writing 60%
VFX 80%
Aerial Drone 40%
Editing 90%

Editing, Foley & Music

Need an Experienced Editor for Your Project? We Can Help with That!



The pre-production process is essential to a successful project. Whether it’s just a social media video, commercial, or narrative feature it will make or break the project. Budgeting happens during this time and dictates location choices, lighting rentals, etc.


8-45 Business Days



All the success or mistakes you made during pre-production come out at this stage. This is execution of the plan made and sometimes you can’t predict every scenario so there is some adjustments to the project that happen here.


1-30 business days



This is the fun part, we start editing, adding folley, music and VFX, if you need any. Audio mastering for surround sound happens here as well. Sometimes if audio is corrupted or there’s noise pollution then we can add in ADR to fix the bad audio. This is not ideal but it is done all the time and you may not even know it.


1-20 business days

Outsource your company creative needs & save money