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Forward – Shoot #1

So we had a great evening shoot with the cast and crew shooting “Forward“. Filmed in the basement of the Bank of America building in downtown Lakeland. It was a full night with extras and some brilliant actors Chuck Fonshell Jr. as “Horace” and J.J. Crowne as “Abe”.

We decided to cross the 180 degree rule twice and proved a bit confusing but in the end we were successful in keeping it all straight. I see why most blocking is just OTS back and forth with a masters to keep it all simple. Maybe a few insert shots etc but nothing crazy. Well, we decided to mix it up and it took a lot of planning, however, we achieved some interest and life in an otherwise potentially expositional drag.

We used a homemade ring light our DP Chris Garofalo made it after one of his hero’s Roger Deakins who has made such beautiful films like Blade Runner 2049 and so many more. He loves using ring lights in his films and it has a very unique look.

We also used a china ball in our setup for the bar scene. It’s a great light especially when you skirt it around the whole ball or half. The space we shot in helped as well but lighting is sooo important to a beautiful frame.

Forward Shoot 1

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