Corkscrew - Trailer Final Shoot

Corkscrew - Trailer Final Shoot

Trailer – Proof of Concept

In this BTS we are blocking and working with the talent to help him understand motivation and what he’s doing in this scene. We couldn’t film this scene in the Grand Hotel because it is pretty much destroyed in the hotel rooms and hallways. Since they are remodeling this building in real life it’s in bad shape.

So this location is downtown a few blocks from the hotel and is the proper age for the building. The rooms are tiny and so we had to shoot from different angles. The great thing about shooting and capturing a story is that it’s pure creativity and that is what helps you deal with unchangeable circumstances.

There was no AC up there either and being in Florida without AC is not fun. It was a great shoot at this location and the crew worked hard. What else can you ask for? Not much other than more budget.

Feature Film

We are currently working on obtaining funding for a feature for this film. The trailer was shot prior to the movie as a proof of concept. While we are working on budget we are currently shooting “The Covet” short film that is a prequel to this film in the same “world” happening in the same building and same town.

Eventually, we would like to film a 3rd film called, “Before The Vultures Wake” written by Ross Ponder as well as the other 2 films. “Before the Vultures Wake” has been published and you can find out more about the book by going here – “The Covet” was originally written by Ross and Chris Florence adapted it with Ross and Andrew the lead actor playing Ahab our protagonist.

The movie is vastly different than the short story and now I kind of see why movies and books don’t always play out the same way.

The name of the city were these collection of stories occur is called Don Angelos and this place has no shortage of strange unexplainable things occurring. We don’t have any dates for the Vultures story yet but we are taking it one step at a time for now.

Project Team
Andrew Morris
Ross Ponder
Chris Florence