The Covet – Shoot #5 0

So we went back and shot the alley scene again. The one we were rained on the first time remember? If not here’s that post. It was dry this time and the hotel lights were working as well which was the whole reason we chose this location to shoot. You can see the hotel over his head in this frame.

The Covet – Shoot #3 0

Well, it was a great night of shooting at the Trader’s Pawn Shop in Central Florida. We had a decent crew of about 6 amazing hard working individuals. I learned the importance of an First AD to keep me on track with the shot list. Usually, I wear that hat as the director.

The Covet – Shoot #2 0

So this shoot was 4 days after hurricane Irma and hadn’t rained since the storm. Well, the night of the shoot it decided to pour! That put us about 1.5 hours behind as the actors were scheduled to show at 8:30p and we were just setting up. Talk about frustrating but we pushed forward.