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Video Production Company & Creative Services, based in Central Florida.

Some Screen Grabs

Shortly About Us

Production Studio

We are a small studio with big ambitions. Norse has done everything from TV Commercials to an animated original show. We love entertainment and marketing. Let us show you some of our work.

Our Services

Video Production

We produce television commercials, explainer videos, and some of our own passion projects. If you need support in making your project we can handle it.

Video Editing

We also work with other production companies and directors on their projects. If you have all the tools but no editor, give us a call. Distance does not matter with Frame.io.


Recently we started offering cartooning services. We handle everything in house. Script writing, voice talent, custom character art, and more. Let us know where we can fit into your next project!

Our Quick History

Dec 2009 – Today

Hopeless Dreamers

Our company was just a dream of a one day maybe and today we have fun doing what we love.

Nov 2016 – Dec 2016

Massive Learning Curve

We worked on our first passion project to enter into a film festival. We had only worked commercial projects prior so we wanted to attempt something different. Our film was selected and nominated for best trailer.  

July 2017 – Dec 2017

Hard Work Always Pays Off

Our second project has been funded and underway in the form of a short film. It was way more work than we had imagined but we loved the process.

Interested In Acting Opportunities?

We are always looking for talent and we know there is no shortage of it. Do you have what it takes for your big break? Apply above!

Note From the Creative Director

I must admit I never thought this would be my life if you asked me what I would be doing in 10 years. It is all I think about professionally and can’t imagine doing anything else.        – Chris Florence

Skills & Expertise

We pride ourselves on having the team in place to produce most anything you can dream up. If we can’t do all aspects we know the people in the industry who can.

Script & Story Writing
Aerial Drone Work
Let’s Get to Work

Why not give us a call so we can chat about your project?